Dentist Nanaimo Country Club Centre

Preventive Dentistry

Your optimal oral health is our goal, and we will help you achieve this through our thorough complete new patient exams and individualized hygiene programs. Whether your needs are as simple as regular cleanings, polishing, fluoride treatments, and dental exams to maintain your healthy smile, or more complex like deeper cleanings and additional antibiotic or other hygiene therapy in order to stop or stabilize gum problems, you will receive a custom-tailored plan that meets your dental needs.

Your cleaning appointment will be made as easy and pleasant as possible by our caring hygienists and dentists, in-ceiling televisions, and state-of-the-art massaging dental chairs. Both methods of scaling and root planing, traditional hand instruments and ultrasonic Cavitron, are available for cleanings and stain removal. You will also receive professional, hands-on oral hygiene instruction, and advice on cavity and gum disease prevention and diet.

At every oral exam, you will be screened for oral cancer and other important oral and health issues. Your oral health and total body health go hand-in-hand, so if problems are detected, you will be informed so that you have the necessary information to make changes in your life.

You may be in need of preventive or protective aids such as night guards, sport guards, spacing devices or fissure sealants. These can be discussed with you at your appointment and done at our office.

Please call 250-758-5252 to make an appointment for your new patient or re-care exam and/or cleaning.

“You don’t have to brush and floss all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep!”