Dentist Nanaimo Country Club Centre

Restorative Dentistry

You may find yourself in need of some dental work, and you will find that we offer a full range of general dental treatments. These include fillings, bonding, crowns (“caps”), veneers, bridges, tooth whitening, implant crowns/bridges, root canals, wisdom tooth removal and tooth extractions, basic orthodontics, partial and complete dentures, and oral sedation dentistry.

There are many different options of filling and crown/“cap” materials offered, such as white (composite or glass ionomer), porcelain, and more traditional gold and silver (amalgam). Your input is always welcomed, and we will also always advise you on the best material(s) in your particular case. We will take the time to thoroughly discuss your options with you and make sure that you receive the treatment that best suits your needs.

At all times during your treatment, your comfort and your quality dental care are our priority. Your dental work will be done using the highest possible standard of materials and modern equipment, including low-dose digital x-rays. Your appointment will be made as easy and pleasant as possible by our caring staff and dentists, in-ceiling televisions, and state-of-the-art massaging dental chairs.

Please call 250-758-5252 to make an appointment to further discuss your treatment options.

“Every tooth in a person’s mouth is more valuable than a diamond.”