“I started going to Dr. Sertic by chance after moving to Nanaimo; he opened my eyes to how dentistry should be practiced. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, and his staff are kind and always helpful. I now recommend Dr. Sertic to everyone I know, and everyone who tries him agrees that he is the BEST dentist!”

“I am very happy with my new crowns. I feel more confident when I smile or laugh.  I have had many nice compliments from friends, family and co-workers. Many thanks to you!”

“A summer bouquet to Dr. Mario Sertic and his wonderful staff at Country Club Dental. It never ceases to amaze me how each and every person in this office goes out of their way to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to all clients. Couple this with a very talented and gifted dentist and you are left with only one thing to say: ‘Going to the dentist was a pleasure.’”

“A special thank you to Country Club Dental Centre. The doctors are outstanding and the staff is exceptional. The atmosphere in the centre is great – pleasant and professional. All together, it makes going to the dentist a pleasure.”

“Wonderful dentist! My kids actually like going to the dentist! We are fortunate to have found Dr. Simmons!”

“I am a patient and a fellow health care worker and know that Dr. Sertic runs a kind and highly ethical family practice. Our entire family has been happy with the dental care, and his hygienist is very gentle and friendly. Friendly staff. Would recommend his office highly.”

“Dr. Sertic and all of his staff are excellent. I have feared the dentist chair for my whole life and this is the only office I have ever felt comfortable with. I LOVE that this dentist and his office consider my coverage before doing treatment and discuss it with me. I would recommend Drs. Sertic and Simmons to everyone – staff is absolutely the best!”

“A huge, grateful bouquet to Dr. Sertic and the staff at Country Club Dental Centre.  You will never find a group of professionals like them who are genuinely there to help people, not just fill their pockets.  Not too many people can say a dentist has left their client in tears of gratitude.”

“Dr. Simmons is a breath of fresh air after being over-treated by local dentists for years. She is easy-going and makes you comfortable from the start to the finish, not rushing you at all. She presents a lot of treatment options and explains them very well, and made me feel like I was an active part of my dental care. For the first time, I look forward to going to the dentist!”

“Very helpful. I found that Dr. Sertic was very generous, and the great assistants made my time in the chair rather pleasant.”

“Super-sweet, always answers my questions and always puts me at ease. I am usually scared and nervous at the dentist, but she works with me to get me through my fears and other health conditions that affect the toold they use to get the job done. Super-nice and funny. I always end up laughing and it’s hard to that with all that stuff in your mouth!”